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  UPMC McKeesport - Family Medicine Residency Program
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    bullet point  Scholarly Projects
    Research and Scholarly activity are integral to the practice of family medicine. The UPMC McKeesport Family Medicine Residency Program in accordance with the ACGME mandate to incorporate scholarly activity into the residency curriculum has wholeheartedly embraced this culture. The discovery of knowledge is critical to the continued growth and development of all family medicine physicians. Our goal is to improve patient care, medical education, population health through scholarly activity.

    Quality Improvement
    We participate in several regional and national quality improvement activities.

    The GO! Diabetes program provides a streamlined method for evaluating current patient care and achieving better processes by improving patient education and disease management.

    The IMPLICIT Network (Interventions to Minimize Preterm and Low birth weight Infants through Continuous Improvement Techniques) is a multi-center collaboration of family medicine residency programs that began in 2003 in order to educate family medicine residents and practicing physicians about primary prevention of low birth weight and preterm birth with a goal to reduce the rates of preventable prematurity.
    The Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians- Improving Performance In Practice Residency Collaborative teaches performance improvement and patient-centeredness in family medicine and internal medicine residency programs to improve patient outcomes in diabetes and cardiovascular care.

    Resident Projects
    Each resident is assigned a faculty mentor who can guide your interests and develop your project. Each 3rd year resident is required to present their project at our annual scholarly activity day. Each project is evaluated by a group of faculty members from within as well as outside of the residency program. We also encourage participation in local, regional and national forums to showcase the exciting projects completed during your residency. By developing skills and supporting scholarly activity in training, we aim to improve the quality, effectiveness, accessibility and sustainability of primary care throughout the country and abroad.
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    bullet point  2016 Resident Scholarly Projects
    Erin Cheng, MD - Teaching Family Mediicne Residents Skills for Inpatient Goals of Care Discussion

    Samridhi Chikersal, MD and Sivajanani Sivarajah, MD - Teaching Shared Decision Meking to Improve Breast Cancer Screening Reminders to Patients: What's on the other side of the test

    Jeremy D'Souza, MD - Improving Use of Headache Diaries for Cost Effective Management of Headaches in a Primary Care Setting

    Noopur Tiwari, MD - The Beginnings of a Great Smile: Incorporating Fluride Varnish Applications during Well Child Visits

    Konstantinos Tourlas, MD and Joseph Wakim, MD - Overcoming Barriers in Transitional Care Medication Reconciliation

    XiXi Wong, MD - Improving Continuity of Care at Latterman Family Health Center
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    bullet point  2015 Resident Scholarly Projects
    Christina Alimin, MD - Osteoporosis Screening Using DEXA Scan: What can we do better?

    Oliver Lee, MD - Impact of Resident Education on Improving Exercise Counseling in Obese Diabetics

    Gordon Liu, MD - Comparison of HIV/Hepatitis C and HIV/Hepatitis B Co-infection in residents of Manila and Pittsburgh

    Bo Ra Nam, MD - Improving Dengue Knowledge, Awareness and Preventive Practices among San Ididro Community in Payatas A Quezon City, Philippines

    Swetha Navayana, MD - Improving Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates Among Elderly at LFHC

    Barbara Nightingale, MD - Teaching Motivational Interventional Techniques to Family Medicine Residents to Improve Diabetes Care

    Steven Petrinac, MD - Improving Influenza Vaccination Rates Using 4 Pillar Tool

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    bullet point  2014 Resident Scholarly Projects
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    Sameh Anton, MD - Diabetics Weight Management at Latterman Clinic. Are we helping our patients and how we can improve.

    Tamar Carmel, MD - Specialized Group Therapy for LGBTQ Substance Use

    Janice Chan, MD - The Effect of Point-of Care Retinal Camera Testing on Patient Compliance with Yearly Eye Exams in Diabetics

    Adam Chasin, MD - Prostate Cancer Screening Awareness Amongst Residents

    Osahon Obakpolor, MD - Colorectal Cance Screening at LFHC: Strategies to Improve Screening Rates

    Chaya Ray, MD - Preception, Knowledge and Comfort of Family medicine Residents in Management of Sleep Disorders

    Matthew Walton, DO - The Use of Visual Aids in Smoking Cessation

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    bullet point  2013 Resident Scholarly Projects
    Ereny Eskarous, MD - Effectiveness of the Huddle : A Residents' Survey

    Hanika Gupta, MD - Effectiveness of Interventions to Increase Implementation of Inter Conception Care

    Sherlyana Helen, MD - The Benefit of Onsite Diabetic Retinal Exam in Outpatient Setting

    Lakshmi Kodey, MD - Quality Improvement and Resident Awareness Survey

    Mary Naguit, MD - Diabetes Care in Latterman Family Heatlh Center, a Level III Medical Home

    Nikki Oliphant, MD - Prime Real Estate: Integrated Primary and Mental Health Care

    Bilal Piracha, MD - Outcomes of Endovascular and Intravenous Trombolytic Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke in Dialysis Dependent Patients

    Belinda Siu, MD - Quality Improvement in the Management of Hypertension in Ninth Street Clinic
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    bullet point  2012 Resident Scholarly Projects
    Click to view large Class of 2012 group pic.jpg   
    Ayman Fakeh, MD - Satisfaction of Continuity Care at Latterman Family Health Center

    Divya Gangwar, MD - GO! DIABETES-The Residentsí Point of View

    Maria Gayanilo, MD - GO! DIABETES-Practice Improvement: Diabetes Care in Latterman Family Health Center

    Mae-Anne Sepulveda, MD - Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori Infection among Patients with Dyspepsia in San Jose del Negrito, Honduras

    Rabelais Tatchum-Talom, MD - Pregnancy Outcomes and Season

    Seeyam Teimoori., MD- Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor & Major Depressive Disorders

    Candace Wong, MD - Patientsí Recognition of PCP and Factors Affecting Missed Appointments
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    bullet point  2011 Resident Scholarly Projects
    Click to view large Scholarly Projects 2011.jpg   

    Omar Al Haddad, MD - Triage: A Residents PerspectiveDr.

    Shagufta Chaudhry, MD - Healthy Dietary Trends in Healthcare Professionals

    Mohan Karki, MD - Depo-Provera and Weight Gain

    Mwieria Ngare, MD - Physical Activity Among Physicians

    Olusesan Oguntuga, MD - Factors affecting Dilated Eye Examination Compliance in Diabetic Patients

    Tanuj Saaraswat, MD - Association between years of formal education, age of retirement and cognitive impairment in a RCT of elderly PCP patients & Attitudes and Practices of PCPs related to dementia/ cognitive impairment

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    bullet point  2010 Resident Scholarly Projects
    Click to view large Scholarly Projects 2010.jpg   
    Naeem Ahmad, MD- How to Improve Physician Compliance; Identifying Obesity in Patients

    Olawale Akinmerese, MD- Assessment of Cigarette Smoking Behavior and Knowledge

    Samidha Bhat, MD- IMPLICIT: EPDS Score and Pregnancy Outcome

    Janet Crowell, MD- IMPLICIT: Inter-Pregnancy Interval and Pregnancy Outcome

    Mamta Patel, MD- Cutaneous Melanoma; Increasing Awareness Among Primary Care Physicians

    Magued Rizk, MD- Educating Family Physicians on Interpretation of Genome Wide Assays(GWA)

    Martin Violago, MD- Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of UPMC McKeesport Family Medicine Residents on Screening Patients for at Risk Alcohol Use
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    bullet point  2009 Resident Scholarly Projects
    Click to view large Scholarly Projects 2009.JPG   
    Ingy Ayad, MD - Contraception Choices and Satisfaction

    Elena Cotulbea, MD - Sliding Scale Information to Adjust Scheduled Insulin

    Irene Lomeda, MD - Fact vs. Fiction: A comparison survey on ED use

    Anne Silao-Solomon, MD - Peace of Mind: End of Life Care Preference Among the Elderly

    Kyaw Zaw, MD - Assessment of Diabetes Knowledge
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    bullet point  2008 Resident Scholarly Projects
    Wassim Abosamra, MD - Missing the Hyperactivity at Latterman Survey

    Morcos Habib, MD - Prescribing Medications; Part of the Physician-Patient Relationship Survey

    Marlo Marcheleovich, DO - Sleep Apnea Screening
    Retrospective Chart Review

    Evelyn Omana, MD - The Use of Electronic Health Records in the Exam Room and Patient Satisfaction: A Systematic Review
    Retrospective Chart Review

    Khin Thein, MD - Domestic Violence and it's Association with Pre-Term delivery/Low Birth Weight Infants Retrospective Chart Review

    Dinesha Weerasinghe, MD - Pregancy and Smoking Cessation
    Retrospective Chart Review
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