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About Us

 Our Philosophy

Since 1973, the UPMC McKeesport Family Medicine Residency has been providing the highest standard of care to the people of the Mon Valley and surrounding areas. We utilize the latest evidence-based medicine recommendations combined with the "art" of medicine. Our humanistic, hands-on, and scientific approach to patient care has led to the continual growth of our patient base at the residents' training center. We are proud to serve three generations of families. 
The UPMC McKeesport Family Medicine Faculty is devoted to the residents' training. The competencies are the cornerstones that frame their education. Our goals for the residents are:

  • instill a desire for lifelong learning
  • develop independent decision making
  • achieve high board scores
  • attain desired fellowships
  • balance professional and personal life
  • model the highest ethical and moral standards 

  What Makes Us Unique

  • State-of-the-art technology in a community setting
  • Good relationships and support from administrators, including the CEO
  • Chief Medical Officer functions to ensure Quality, Value, and Safety for the Residency Programs
  • The high volume of OB patients with a high percentage of continuity of care deliveries
  • A non-competitive work environment with other residency programs at UPMC McKeesport
  • The evidence-based curriculum taught by fellowship-trained specialists
  • Dedicated faculty for research to assist residents with their scholarly projects
  • National and international presentations as well as book and journal publications by faculty and residents
  • Specialty clinics located at the family health center include: psychiatry, weight management, OMM, high-risk OB, colposcopy, and other procedures 
  • We enjoy working in an environment of diverse faculty and residents, each with their own special interests and talents. These include cooking, foreign languages, sports and athletics, gardening, artistic skills, theatre, music, and travel